Manufacture Oil Drilling Equipment

Product Details                                              1.Full hydraulic crawler type rotary drilling rig adopt pressurized drilling mode, enabling rotary drilling depth is 5~50m. matching the different specifications of drilling tools, pile hole diameter range up to 500-2000mm.  2.Powered by Ameraic engine with rated power from 121 kW@2400 rpm to 191 kW@2400 rpm,  power efficiency is significantly improved.Maximum output torque reaches 150kN.m, maximum pile depth of friction is 50m, pile depth of interlocking is 40m.New design of main winch delivers faster line speed of 70m/min, bigger lifting power with 200kN line pull. 3.This machine is applicable to slop shield piles,civil construction, new rural construction, municipal construction,and the strata contain:soil, clay, fill soil, silt, silt layer, and even some geology with pebbles, gravel; widely used in high-speed rail trestle piles, slop shield piles, photovoltaic power station foundation pile, power grids, landscaping and other projects.  4.Safe and reliableThe new generation rotary drive adopts multi-gear control, self-adaptive techniques, and double buffering system which can increase drilling efficiency and safety.Highly automatization system, advanced hydraulic system and heavy wide chassis ensure efficient, safe and stable operation.Excellent master worker ensure high precision and quality of the core components.  Features                                            1.Excellent performance, fast lifting, large lifting weight, drilling rig can be 360 degree rotary construction. 2.Full hydraulic system control can ensure that all indexes of pile foundation verticality, hole position, hole depth and sedimentation thickness meet the requirements of construction specifications. 3.Driving power is strong, the power head acts directly on the drill bit and keeps the torque unabated during piling. 4.The hole wall drilled by rotary drilling rig has good stability, complete hole cleaning after hole completion and fast construction progress.  5.Small investment,quick gains:The utility model also has high cost performance, wide application scope and high social and economic benefits; 6.The characteristic of stabilization, credibility, speediness and high capability which makes the Rotary Drilling Rig is favored.