Top Drive

KINGWELL Top Drive Features & Benefits:Top Drive System is a new-style drilling system, which is used to instead of the rotary table. It is integrated with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technology and has advanced automation level. It’s called a great revolution in drilling equipment and also gives the direction for drilling equipment development in 21st century. Top Drive System has been the standard equipment in the international drilling industry and is suitable to be used in cluster directional well, high-inclination well and horizontal well, especially deep well and ultra deep well. Direct Top Drive1. Eliminate mechanical transmission mechanism; main shaft driven directly by motor.2. Bearing is grease lubricated, without gear lubrication oil and cooling and filtering system, reducing sealing mechanism and easy for maintenance.3. Modularized in design, structure is simple hence less fault points.4. Direct motor drive provides higher working torque in a short time reducing drive energy loss.5. More effective cooling and radiation of complete machine (arranged with high power blower and multiple air ducts.)Mechanical Top Drive1.Top drive device adopts heavy duty AC motor and is driven by AC variable frequency technology.2. Top drive device adopts heavy load thrust bearing and special structure so that it resists longitudinal vibration of drilling string.3. The tilting mechanism of pipe handling device can tilt forward, backward and rotate 360°, so that the main shaft will be closer to the derrick floor when it grabs the drilling stem and drills for better availability of drilling string.4.The backup tong of pipe handling device has a large range of pipe handing, the inner blowout preventer control mechanism does not rotate with the elevator links,5.Confronting complicate sections while tripping, the top drive at any height can connect drill pipe for drilling fluid circulation and reaming.6. Stepless speed control and make-up/break-out torque control can be realized to meet the requirement of drilling process with high accuracy.7. Top hydraulic kelly cock is equipped for closing and opening of inner blowout preventer (IBOP) at any height so as to increase security of well control.8. Multiple protection mechanisms offer safety and reliability in working.9. Independent diesel generator set is optional on-demand to supply power to top drive.