HDD rig drilling machine

1. Close-circuit system is adopted for rotation. Automatic variable system is adopted for push & pull, clamping, and walk and and it is under load sensitivity control. Advanced hydraulic system raises more than 20% productivity than traditional one, and saves more than 20% energy compared with traditional one.2. The machine is equipped with Cummins engine, with high efficiency, large power, low fuel consumption, low noise, and strong ability in construction.3. Four bar linkage luffing structure is adopted for main ginder, which highly increases entry angle range and ensures the large angle and rig tracks are not off ground, having improved the safety performance.4. Wire-control walking system can ensure the safty when the machine performs walk, transfer and load & unload.5. Equipped with φ76×3000mm, φ83×3000mm or φ83×4500mm drill rod, the machine contains medium field area, meeting the requirement for high efficiency construction in small place.6. Main hydraulic components are from the international first-class hydraulic components manufacturer, which greatly improve the reliability of the product performance and safety.7. Electric design is reasonable with low failure rate, which is easy for maintenance.8. The steel track with rubber plate is adopted for crawler, which can not only bear high load, but also satisfy walking on different roads.9. The rack and pinion structure is adopted for push & pull, which features high efficiency, long lifespan, stable work and convenient maintenance.10. You can choose optional manipulator.