Oil gas pipe drilling rig machine

1. The machine is equipped with Cummins Engine with high efficiency, large power, low fuel consumption, low noise, and strong ability in construction.2. The rotation adopts American EATON large torque motor driving directly,which contains large torque for stable  performance, and two gears speed regulation.3. Push & pull adopts American EATON motor and one-piece reducer with three gears speed regulation. The construction speed is far ahead in the same level industry. Driving head reserves reinforced power -push & pull force, which expands the scope of drilling construction.4. Using first-class walking hydraulic driving device, Caterpillar walks with double speed by wire-control, which is convenient for load & unload and transfer.5. Operation table adopts man-machine construction manner which is comfortable for operation and can greatly reduce workers fatigue level, and the rotating cab is optional, with AC, broad vision, and comfortable seat.6. The cover shell adopts overall backflip, to make sure the opening and closing is flexible and quick, so the maintenance is more convenient.7. It is equipped with φ73×3000mm or φ76×3000mm  drilling rod, and the machine uses medium field area, which can meet the requirement for high efficiency construction in small place.8. The electric design is reasonable with low failure rate, which is easy for maintenance.9. It is equipped with a high degree of automation. The optional automatic drilling rod greasing system, auto anchor, and auto loading can greatly improve the working efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.10. The rig shape is beautiful, and easy to repair, which fully shows "people-oriented" design vision.11. The driving head and rotation hydraulic system of driving head adopt advanced series parallel control technology and the international first-class hydraulic components,  with independent cooling system, high working efficiency and high reliability.