Under Water Welding Machine

1 Diving Helmet

The figure shows the diving helmet for the underwater welding process. It is essential to wear a safe diving helmet for their work. During the welding process helmet, protect our eyes and face.

Also, the diving helmet allows breathing for the welder-diver in underwater, so that’s it used in underwater purpose. A welding screen that attaches to the front of their mask for eye protection. Some of these welding screens flip up or down like a welding hoods, and they all come in different colours.

#2 Underwater Welding Diving Accessories

welder-divers will use these diving accessories:

  1. Diving knife
  2. Umbilical cord
  3. Harness
  4. Gas panel and compressor
  5. Bailout gas
  6. Knife switch

#1 Diving knife

It is a tool for every situation. Whether they need to cut into project material, wedge opens a door or free themselves from a Critical condition a diving knife works.

#2 Umbilical cord

This is gas is pumped from the diver too and from the surface.